The Best Print Management Software For Your Office

The Best Print Management Software For Your Office


A functional print management solution involves more than printing. It completely overhauls workflows by 

  • Automating certain processes
  • Reducing costs to optimise company funds
  • Providing security features to prevent data leaks and unauthorized access to information

An efficient, secure print ecosystem isn’t just an option; it's an essential business component. Matching the best print management software to your environment is key.

The best print management software allows your office to refine its existing processes, while scaling as the company grows without relinquishing security. 

In this article we discuss leading software and their key features to help you understand your options. 

The Best Print Management Software 


Best for monitoring the print environment to track consumables, bill calculations, and print resources.

PrintFleet is the managed print solution third-party providers use to understand your print environment. Equipped with the right features, the software allows the seamless analysis and collection of data from networked printing devices once installed. 

This is a nifty solution if you struggle to grasp what happens within your print ecosystem. For example, are you clueless about how much you spend on printing? Do you believe you’re spending more than you should?

PrintFleet provides an accurate, comprehensive report of where the money goes by simplifying the invoicing process. In addition, you’ll never worry about how valuable printing resources are used because PrintFleet reads your meter to make an accurate calculation.

Depleting toner or ink in the middle of an urgent, important job isn’t a concern, as the software tracks toner levels and sends out requests for supplies before you need them.

This complete monitoring system allows you to reduce costs and manage your print consumables hassle-free.

PrintFleet features also include

  • Permissions-based user management
  • PrintFleet optimizer web console
  • DCA service bridge


Best for implementing security measures and printing rules to monitor and assess how employees interact with printing.

Keeping prying eyes in their proper place to prevent confidential data from getting into the hands of busy-body employees is important. Knowing who does what and to what extent is a priority.

uniFLOW is the best print management software to use when you want to be in the driver’s seat. Nothing goes unnoticed. 

This managed print software is big on authenticating users. No one accesses the printer or copier without being accounted for, as authentication is required before a print job is released. 

If several print jobs are sent to a printer, recipients will not "accidentally" view a document that isn’t intended for them. Employees must provide unique identifiers, and this amps up security. 

But that’s not the only control you have with uniFLOW. You can set what your employees can and cannot do within the ecosystem. For example, this print solution allows you to: 

Account for Printing
Users can be assigned monthly printing costs. Reports of each user's activity can then be analyzed to determine how much is racked up in expenses. This knowledge makes it easy to implement certain restrictions to reduce costs. 

Set Function Controls
Not everyone needs access to printing functions. For example, some employees may have full access, while others can only copy or scan documents. 

Set Printing Rules
Automating certain activities in your print environment saves time, enhances productivity, and reduces costs. For example, with printing rules, you can send minor printing jobs to a more suitable equipment while restricting large print volumes to the production printer. Duplex and black and white printing may also be automated.

Other pillar features of uniFLOW 

  • Office printing and accounting  
  • Document scanning
  • Secure printing from a mobile device
  • Device management to prevent unauthorized access
  • Production printing

Scan 2x 

Best for digitizing large volumes of documents for storage and retrieval. 

As an office handling large volumes of documents, tracking everything is difficult. This is especially true when you want access to information handled a decade ago.

Scan2x is the best print management software to digitize large volumes of information in a breeze, store them to document management systems like SharePoint and Therefore™,

and then retrieve when you need access to information.

No special training is required to use Scan2X, and employees who aren’t tech-savvy will fall in love with its simplicity. Documents are scanned in a three-step process. First, you provide authentication to use the system, choose the Scan2x icon, and select the job to be done.

Other Scan2X features include

  • Intelligent document recognition & routing
  • Complete compliance
  • Cloud, on-site, or hybrid-hosted document management


Best for fast, secure, and simple mobile printing.

SafeCom is the best print management software for refining printing processes to create a faster and simpler option. Notable for its robust mobile printing capabilities, SafeCom offers a secure and flexible solution. 

Print jobs can be submitted through a mobile app, with mobile print pulling as a solution to guarantee safety.

Before print jobs are done, your employee can use their smartphone to release a print job.

SafeCom’s other features include

  • Authentication
  • Hardware integration 
  • Rule-based printing 
  • Document encryption
  • Higher security


Best for creating a centralized printing hub to eliminate having multiple printing, copying, and scanning equipment.

When everyone has a clunky printer sitting on their desktop at the office, there are multiple photocopiers across departments, and there’s no centralized network to print from, this is the best solution.

Bringing everything into a centralized hub would streamline printing and reduce costs without sacrificing security. PaperCut managed printing is a fully-featured software that gives your office a hub to print from. This eliminates having multiple unnecessary printers around the office.

Even as you scale in the future and expand departments where more printing capacity is needed, their ‘Find-Me Printing’ feature makes printing easy. Instead of searching for a printer, the software finds the user and sends the print job to the nearest printer.

PaperCut’s other features include

  • Advanced scripting and APIs
  • Integrated scanning
  • Advance reporting
  • Cloud and print 

As a managed print service provider, we work with you to provide the best print management software for your office needs. Our offerings check all the boxes, including security, mobile printing, device management, document scanning, production management, and so much more. 

To determine the best option for you, contact our sales team by calling 086 011 8101 or emailing [email protected].

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