Riso Printers - A High Volume Printing Solution

Riso Printers - A High Volume Printing Solution


Businesses with large print volume requirements often look towards upgrading to larger copiers, but these machines often come with price tags and extras that the company can do without. 

One solution that is often overlooked is a Riso printer. Yet, their ability to handle heavy workloads can make them a vital part of many businesses. 

What is a Duplicator Machine?

Duplicator machines and copiers are similar in that they both scan original documents and then produce copies of them. With copiers, this is done by transferring toner onto paper. Duplicators create a master impression that it wraps around its print cylinder to make ink duplicates.  

What Are The Advantages of Duplicators Over Copiers?

When considering whether to buy a digital duplicator vs. a copier, certain factors apply to the intended use of the machine. 

Ink vs Toner

There is a misconception that duplicator ink is slower drying than copier toner. However, the gel ink used in duplicators dry out just as quickly as copier toner. In addition, Riso inks are cheaper than toners. 

However, copiers do hold the advantage when it comes to colour printing, particularly photos or other multicoloured images. Some duplicators can do spot colouring, but your palette is limited. 

Copiers use heat to stick the toner onto the paper. Because duplicators do not need heat to apply ink, they use much less energy than copiers. 


If you need to print large numbers of copies on a regular basis, a duplicator is invaluable. Because of its low heat and heavy-duty design, it can churn out copies all day long. The ink cylinder process is also faster than the copier’s toner process, so you get more pages per minute. In addition, the fewer moving parts of a duplicating machine mean that paper jams are almost non-existent. 


Price efficiency is entirely determined by the print volumes your business puts out. There is some cost associated with creating the duplicator master copy, but for print runs over 50, duplicators are generally more cost effective than copiers because of the price difference between toners and gels. 

However, duplicators usually cost slightly more than copiers to purchase or rent, so they need to output high volumes to pay for themselves. Since time is money, the faster speeds of a duplicator may also save the business in terms of productivity. 


Duplicators and copiers are both versatile in their own way, so businesses must match the device with their needs. Modern multifunction printers offer an array of services such as fax, scan to email, and printing from mobile devices.

Duplicators have the edge when your business needs large numbers of prints on different formats, such as envelopes, labels, flyers, and cards. In addition, duplicators can print on surfaces that cannot tolerate heat, something a laser printer cannot do. 


While there is little to choose between the space that printers or duplicators take up in your office, duplicators do make a bit more noise from the sound of the metal hitting the paper. It may need its own room and cannot be too close to areas where people need to concentrate on their work. 

When Should I Consider Getting a Duplicator Instead of a Copier?

Businesses in the following fields could save time and money with a duplicator:

  • Schools and other institutes of learning where a large number of students need printed course materials. 

  • Businesses that need to produce large amounts of documents, such as standardised contracts, that require a physical signature. 

  • Businesses that print physical correspondence, such as newsletters.

  • Businesses that need printing in non-standard sizes, such as labels or name tags. 

  • Businesses that print a large number of flyers for marketing. 

  • Businesses that produce large volumes of printed materials for use by their sales team/brokers. 

What Are the Best Options?

Riso Duplicators

Few names are so synonymous with duplicators as Riso, to the extent where people often think that Riso is the term for a duplicating machine, instead of a brand name. Riso’s high speed printers are rightly deserving of their high standing, and often come at a premium compared to other duplicators, although they usually also perform better across a range of metrics. 

The Riso SF5030 duplicator, which retails for R36,499.00 excl. VAT (R875.00 per month over 60 months), provides print resolution of up to 300 dpi x 600 dpi and an impressive print speed of up to 130 ppm. It supports a wide array of paper sizes, from 100 mm × 148 mm to 310 mm × 432 mm

Duplo Duplicators

Duplo produces duplicators that are more affordable than Riso machines, and could prove the sweet spot between price and performance for your business.

The Duplo DP-G200 is available for R28,500.00 excl. VAT and gives you print resolution of 300 dpi x 600 dpi and print speeds of up to 130 ppm. It can handle paper sizes between 100 mm x 148 mm and 297 mm x 364 mm.  

Rongda Duplicators

Another trusted name in the world of duplicators that is a more affordable, yet reliable option is Rongda.  

The Rongda VR-231 duplicator retails for R27,199.00 excl. VAT (R655.00 per month over 60 months). It provides print resolution of up to 300 dpi x 400 dpi and print speeds of up to 120 ppm. It can accommodate paper sizes from 100 mm x 148 mm to 297 mm x 420 mm. 

The Value of Owning a Duplicating Machine 

There are many ways in which a business can benefit from a duplicator, including financially, in terms of productivity, or the ability to print in a range of paper sizes. Businesses with large print volume requirements who purchase or rent a duplicator for the first time, are often surprised that they could ever do without it.

Most businesses supplement their current fleet of copiers with at least one duplicator as the company workhorse.  If you feel that your business can benefit as well, it is time to get the conversation started. 

You can chat with our team of experts to find the best brands, models, and combinations to find the best combination for your particular needs. You can get in touch with us at 086 011 8101, or [email protected], or fill out the contact form on our website.


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