Canon Business Printer & Document Scanning Software Solutions

Why Print Management and Scanning Software?

The modern business requires print and scanning solutions that match their business's needs.

An effective print and scan software can boost productivity and streamline workflows, managing complex tasks associated with document scanning and print jobs. Software solutions for managed print services, enable companies to process high volumes of data with smart recognition, automatic archiving/storage, access control and sharing across a range of devices.

Businesses can also choose from an all-in-one on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid document management solutions depending on existing equipment. Canon's print management and scanning software is industry-leading and scales to suit the needs of small and medium-sized businesses as well as large-scale enterprises.

Explore uniFlow, Scan2x, and Therefore software and learn how these software solutions can benefit your business environment.

uniFLOW: Innovative integrated solution for print, scan and device management

Manage workflows for print jobs and document scanning across a variety of devices

One platform for all document processes. uniFLOW is designed as a single integrated platform for all printing and scanning tasks across a range of equipment and mobile devices.

Enterprise grade security, scalability and reliability ensures uniFLOW adapts to your business's evolving needs.

uniFLOW Features


Safeguard document security

Powerful user authentication minimises risk around important documents by recording and restricting document access.


Take control of costs

Track print, scan and copy expenses with accuracy. Cut costs with smart features and defined printing rules. Ensure only necessary documents are printed.


Boost productivity

Personalise workflows to capture, store and share digital documents. uniFLOW Job Routing auto directs print jobs to the best device.


Mobile printing freedom

Secure mobile printing at no extra cost. Print from any device, in any location.


Full lifecycle, multi-vendor compatibility

Maximise your investment - uniFLow offers support for multi-vendor, mixed fleet environments and integrates with existing devices.


Easy integration

Apply a universal print driver to your workforce. Allow printing from anywhere with scalable configuration, from Canon and non-Canon devices.


Simple scanning

High-quality imaging and accurate OCR data extraction enable businesses to capture, share and store digital documents effortlessly.


Intuitive user experience

uniFLOW is intuitively designed to operate across a range of equipment and devices with zero additional training required.

uniFLOW online: Cutting edge cloud-based printing & scanning document management

UnifFLOW is a cloud-based solution for small businesses designed to suit their evolving document management and printing workflows effectively.

Explore the benefits of innovative cloud-based print management software that understands your team's workflow and business needs. uniFlow online can also be integrated as a hybrid solution to bridge the gap between on-site server infrastructure and the cloud

Scan 2x™: Intuitive, intelligent document scanning solution

Make scanning simple for everyone with Scan2x™

Scan2x™'s advanced technology for high-quality scanning, with intelligent document recognition, automatically recognises key data, applies rules and settings, and then transfers information to the right devices.

Complete complex scanning tasks with zero training. Simple, intuitive and efficient.

Scan2x™ Features


Always intuitive

Utilise an intuitive, icon-based interface for easy document management, while automated processes recognise documents, and extract and archive important information for future print jobs or retrieval.


Intelligent document recognition & routing

Sophisticated AI is able to detect and interpret specific regions and process accordingly, with rules to route documents to different workflow destinations.


Complete security

Keep security, compliance and accountability top of your agenda, with user PINs, optional swipe cards or fingerprint access to control any document trail.


Total compliance

Align with evolving regulations, by ensuring complete document compliance including redaction of sensitive personal data to aid GDPR adherence.


Cloud hosted or on-site

Integrate seamlessly with your business' operational landscape. Choose a cloud-based subscription, on site, or hybrid solution to manage document workflows company-wide.


Integrate with your environment

Integrate with widely used beneficial apps and third-party technology including, Therefore, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, FTP, and other cloud and web-based services for unrivalled productivity.

Scan2x™ Online: Cloud-based scanning and document management

Select from on-site installation, completely cloud-based, or hybrid solutions to enable advanced scanning and document management across your business's infrastructure and devices.

Experience the same industry-leading features to match your business needs with support from the cloud.

Therefore: Efficient, enterprise-grade document management system

Store, manage, and process all kinds of business information and documents efficiently, economically and securely.

Therefore™ enables enterprise-grade document management to streamline data and information workflows.

Transform the way you analyse, manage and share business documents with a single enterprise print management software for the entire lifecycle of your documents.

Therefore™ Features


Total solution for complete document control

Operating your own on-site server infrastructure provides complete control over security, storage size and maintenance times.


Optimise company-wide processes

Utilise this all-in-one solution to enable efficient document workflows. From document capture, and storage, to access control, management, and analytics. Therefore is your solution.


Automate the flow of information

With Content Connector, one can continually save and index information from watched folders, email inboxes, digital signature providers, or cloud storage accounts.


Fast, mobile information access

Therefore™ Portal features powerful search options and full-text OCR. Find documents anywhere in your system, based on metadata or document contents.

Securely share and access information at any time, on-the-go with the Therefore Go app for iOS and Android devices.


AI Smart Capture

Therefore™ Smart Capture enables AI-based cloud capturing and automates the extraction of all invoice details.

Optimise data extraction with no configuration or templates required.


Case Management

Organise and manage related documents intuitively with Therefore™ Case Management. Group related documents for better visibility, faster retrieval, to open or close cases, link to workflows and integrate with retention policies.

Therefore™ Online: Cloud-based document management

Choose between on-site, cloud-based or a hybrid setup for advanced document management and experience industry-leading features to match your business needs.

Frequently asked questions about software solutions for printing, scanning & document management.

What is OCR and its benefits for document scanning?

Optical character recognition is a term used to describe the technology that recognizes text within a digital image. In printing and scanning, OCR software is used to distinguish text in scanned documents and images, meaning that physical documents can be converted into accessible electronic documents.

Canon's Smart AI also works with OCR to analyse documents to immediately understand the type of content being scanned, where the information should be stored, and can automatically forward certain documents to necessary recipients (i.e: when scanning an invoice, it can be sent to the accounts department).

Which devices integrate with uniFLOW?

uniFlow is for all your print, scan and device management, and this software solution integrates with a wide variety of Canon printers. These include Canon devices such as multifunction printers (MFP), wide format printers (WFP), production printers and scanners.

Which devices integrate with Scan2x?

Any scanner or advanced multifunction printer (MFP) can be utilised with the Sca2x software, by connecting your equipment to a desktop or laptop computer. Your user environment, including whether you plan to provide a customer-facing approach or whether you have a back scanning environment, will determine the best setup.

Which devices integrate with Therefore?

Therefore can integrate with a range of basic and advanced devices. Therefore’s standard information management (IM) solution can be integrated with a range of existing equipment, however, if you plan to utilise Therefore’s capture client, this would involve integrating with newer, advanced devices.

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