Certified Refurbished Photocopiers for Sale in
South Africa 2024

South Africa’s Leading Supplier of Refurbished/used Office Printers or Photocopiers.

United Copiers supplies business with world-class, reliable Refurbished – Used photocopiers and printers for sale to the South African public direct.

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There are wide variety of refurbished copiers for sale in South Africa and device qualities in the used copier market range from high quality demo model excellent through to devices that can be considered “lemons”. Make sure you do your research and purchase from a trusted supplier. 

To alleviate this, United Copiers invites all our prospective clients to come to our national demo rooms located in Gauteng (Johannesburg – Pretoria), Kwa-Zulu Natal (Durban) and the Western Cape (Cape Town) and view our certified refurbished photocopier range and do a demo before purchasing. Also view our positive Google reviews here

Our business printing and used photocopiers are carefully selected from thousands of machines. Once selected they are placed through a 37-point check by a team of professionally trained refurb technicians, the machines are then signed off by a senior technician where a final check is done and then finally delivered to our end users. Throughout the operational life of the Office Printer we maintain a full swap-out warranty while the device is on a service agreement, ensuring that you and your organisation have total peace of mind at all times.

Over the past 6 years, United Copiers has revolutionized the Southern African Office Printing Solutions market with its unique Remanufactured Office Printer offering. “The offering is actually fairly straightforward to explain”, says Ryan Lumley, Managing Director of United Copiers. “We carefully select from tens of thousands of demo model and low usage off lease office copiers sourced in Europe and around the world. We carefully pre-determine only the photocopier model ranges we know for their reliability, robustness and low monthly running costs.

These devices are then fully refurbished and put through a 37-point quality control check, before entering our supply chain for sale. At the end of the day, we supply South African businesses with a world class, reliable printer, at the fraction of the price of new. To ensure peace of mind every photocopier is under a full swap-out warranty when signed to a Photocopier Service Level Agreement. The final cherry on top for our client base is that these are effectively Green printing systems, ensuring first the customer benefits and then the environment.”

By refurbishing office photocopiers, United Copiers has been able to renew these devices for the next commercial cycle thereby removing the need to draw on additional materials including; single use plastics, lead, various toxic chemicals, steel and microprocessors during the manufacture of a new device, this effectively eliminates the carbon footprint of the device and greatly reduces global E-Waste.

In addition to the Environmental Photocopier offering, United Copiers supplies environmentally friendly Remanufactured Toners and Imaging Drums to accompany all devices. By recycling perfectly conditioned toner cartridges, the company is able to fully renew the plastic cartridges and massively reduce the production and disposal of single use plastics. Re-manufactured toners not only benefit the environment, but also pass significant savings onto clients with no compromise on toner quality.

“First and foremost, customers want a highly reliable, cost effective product, if you set out to build this product offering solely with the intention of telling people it is environmentally friendly, it would have failed. Fortunately, we have been able to create an offering which solves our clients' Managed Print requirements thoroughly, and then a happy by-product of this, is the fact that we are assisting in reducing E-Waste while solving their budgetary and operational needs.”, says Candice Evans, Marketing Coordinator of United Copiers.

All United Copier’s refurbished copiers are available for rental or cash purchase and come with a comprehensive Service Level Agreement, ensuring that clients' print and copy environment runs seamlessly. To date, thousands of South African businesses have found cost savings and improved running costs through our re-manufactured Office Printer program.

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Which brand of new or used office printers is best?

The answer here is straight forward, the best Office Printer and Photocopier is determined not by brand but by the requirements of your organization. Ultimately, all the major international Office and Business Printer brands offer very similar features, reliability and quality. These brands include:

Refurbished Copiers for Sale in South Africa:

What’s more important than the particular brand of used copier for sale, is the after sales service and ongoing running costs of the device. In the same manner that poor after sales service from a car manufacturer may create the impression that a car brand is generally faulty or of poor quality, so to can poor after sales service from your printer solutions provider. Our advice here is to look more carefully at the supplier and their after sales service rather than at the particular brand. Ensure the device can perform all required functions, but once this is determined make sure that the proposed supplier can support your printing needs for the life of the agreement.

Very often the costs of business printing are found in the monthly TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), for this reason we select our certified refurbished photocopiers from 100’s of models to zero in on only those models with the lowest ongoing running costs (toners, imaging drums and spares) and the highest proven reliability track records. Below we layout an idea of the differences in TCO across different printer solutions offerings.

Total cost of ownership across different printer offerings

Total cost of ownership across different printer offerings

You will note from the above table that Refurbished Photocopiers are by far the most cost effective printer solution for an organisation. Not only do re-manufactured office printers offer cost savings on outright purchases and monthly rentals, but they offer complete peace of mind with their full United Copiers swap out warranty.

Why does buying a certified refurbished photocopier make sense for my business?

Below we list the advantages of purchasing from our certified refurbished Office Printer and Copier Range:

  • Receive heavy duty expertly refurbished printing equipment at a fraction to cost of new.
  • Office Automation Industries Only Worry-free swap out warranty ensuring you are always up and printing.
  • Low running costs – All printers in the United Copiers certified refurbished range are carefully selected for their reliability and low running costs.
  • Green – By choosing our certified re-manufactured range you are working with us to keep single use plastics, heavy metals and electronic components out of landfills, while receiving the above-mentioned benefits.

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Can I rent re-manufactured office printers and copiers?

Yes, we offer rentals on all our refurbished photocopiers, options range from 12 months to 60 months and can be customized to suite client’s requirements. Visit our Copier and Printer rental leasing page for more info.

What warranty comes with a certified refurbished copier, how will I know I’m not getting a lemon?

All United Copier’s certified refurbished devices come with a full swap out warranty while on a Service Level Agreement with us.

We guarantee the device will be functioning as promised and quoted or we will swap the device out with an equivalent device at no charge to our client. We are so confident in our offering’s reliability and suitability for the business printing environment that we stand by this with our unique Swap-Out Warranty for devices on service contract with United Copiers.

Tips to ensure you enter into a beneficial business printer contract:

  • Supplier Reviews
    Have a look at the photocopier supplier’s online reviews or request some reference sites to determine the quality of after sales service and general market reputation.
  • Total Cost of Ownership
    Ensure you look not just at the upfront costs of the photocopier machine, cash price or its rental price, but also at the ongoing monthly running costs for servicing, along with the cost of purchasing a device that is too small/under specified and cannot perform the functions your office requires. Lost productivity is also a cost.
  • Rental and Service Agreements
    Check the Service Level Agreement and Rental Agreement contracts, ensure you understand your Office printer or Photocopier contracts’ monthly costs and annual escalations, the length of the contract and who you are contracting with.
  • Warranty
    Ensure your machine has a warranty or a strong Service Level Agreement for ongoing maintenance. Remember this is a multi-year commitment.