Powerful, precise and ultra-productive Canon scanning solutions

Discover Canon's range of professional scanners that provide reliable, fast and intuitive scanning across a range of desktop and mobile devices.

Canon's powerful and ultra-productive scanners are suitable for the home, office and corporate departments - from compact portable and desktop scanners to high-performance production scanners.

Match the printing and scanning requirements of a small business, medium-sized operation or large-scale enterprise with the perfect scanner paired with intuitive software.

Professional plug & play portable scanners

Fast, intuitive, and high-quality Canon portable scanners are compact and convenient.

Built for users on the move, Canon's portable scanners can be powered via a USB or small battery unit for wireless scanning.

No software or driver installation is required. Simply plug in and get to work - Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS compatible.

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Desktop Scanners

Desktop scanners are ideal for home offices and business workspaces. With versatile functionality and seamless software integrations, desktop scanners meet the exact needs of businesses of all sizes.

Canon's range of desktop scanners includes flatbed, and space-saving scanners boasting accurate colour representation and high-speed output.

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Production Scanners

Intelligent, robust production scanners for high volume and high-performance scanning.

Ultra accurate, and affordable, Canon production scanners deliver large-scale (A3) scanning and printing outputs.

Production scanners can scan and store hundreds of documents every minute while incorporating energy efficiency and integrating with leading software solutions for document management.

Depend on production scanners for high-speed departmental scanning, ideal for digital mailrooms, back-file conversions and other office operations.

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Flatbed Document Scanners

Flatbed document scanners provide efficient scanning capabilities, and high resolution capturing for a range of business documents.

Accurate and straightforward, flatbed scanners provide superior quality, ultra-compact office scanning capabilities and integrate with additional features, including archiving and sharing documents seamlessly.

Sporting a lightweight elegant design, Canon flatbed scanners provide an intuitive, easy to manage user interface, allowing operators to execute scanning capabilities with ease and efficiency.

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Large-format Scanners

Large-format scanners are ideal for scanning and storing technical documents and other wide-form physical files.

Canon's large-format scanners can be paired with wide format printers to output large-scale scans fast and in incredible detail.

They are also paired with software solutions for dedicated document management, sharing/collaboration and print management from a range of desktop and mobile devices.

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Cheque Scanners

Provide efficient cheque scanning and imprinting, to suit your exact business needs.

Canon's high-quality cheque scanners include desktop and countertop cheque scanners, which enable double-sided scanning for each cheque and information analysis for fields.

Desktop scanners can scan over a hundred cheques per minute, whereas countertop cheque scanners are ideal for more compact spaces and smaller-size scanning operations.

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How does scanning software change modern business workflows?

High-quality portable, compact, desktop, production, flatbed and wide format Canon scanners integrate seamlessly with innovative software solutions, unlocking a variety of features to enhance modern workflows.

Align your scanning and printing needs with a scalable software solution that can be integrated as an on-premise, completely cloud-based or hybrid setup.

Scan, store/archive, safeguard, collaborate, share and print from desktop and mobile devices (iOS and Android). Take conventional paper trails and digitize information with smart OCR that analyses fields and archives information into a dedicated document management system.

Save time, cut costs and increase productivity company-wide with high-quality hardware, and scanning software solutions.

Frequently asked questions about business scanners

A document scanner is an electronic machine that can copy a physical item and transfer an image of it to a computer. A document scanner has the responsibility of making legible digital copies of physical documents.

Canon scanners and printers can be integrated using either a physical or cloud-based connection.

To manage your devices, Canon provides a range of software solutions including uniFlow for managing printing and scanning workflows and devices, as well as Scan2x for intelligent scanning of a variety of documents. Therefore is also a great recommendation for managing enterprise-level document archiving and retrieval. Learn more about Canon's printing and scanning software solutions.

These applications can be used via desktop and mobile interfaces (including iOS and Android devices)

To scan documents using a Canon scanner, connect your Canon scanner or printer and scanner to a device (desktop or mobile), place the document on top of the platen or into the automatic document reader (depending on your type of scanner) and utilise the physical buttons on the scanner device or connected applications to initiate the scanning process.

Scanners can scan documents starting with a business card or letter-size, all the way up to large format A3 documents and in some cases even larger files. Choosing the right Canon scanner will depend on your business's or home office's specific needs.

A scanner is an electronic device that is connected to a computer (desktop or laptop) or mobile interface. Its main function is to scan or take a picture of a document, digitise the information for archiving, viewing, sharing, printing or similar uses.

Scanners operate by shining light at the object or document being digitised and directing the reflected light (usually through a series of mirrors and lenses) onto a photosensitive element. In most scanners, the sensing medium is an electronic, light-sensing integrated circuit known as a charged coupled device (CCD).

The cost of a scanner varies depending on a variety of factors, most notably the operations that you require the scanner to perform and your document size. Our range of Canon scanners starts from R2 800.00 ex vat.

Compact desktop scanners, for example, are relatively inexpensive and provide a standard set of features, whereas, wide format scanners may be a more sizeable investment due to their range of specialised scanning (sometimes including built-in printing) capabilities, and their larger form factor.

A flatbed scanner is an electronic, optical scanner that provides a flat, glass surface for scanning documents or other items. A flatbed scanner allows the conversion of paper documents or photos into a digital form.

A flatbed scanner is sometimes called a reflective scanner because it works by shining white light onto the object to be scanned and reading the intensity and colour of light that is reflected from it, usually a line at a time.

To operate a flatbed document scanner one would place a document on top of the platen (flat glass surface) one at a time. Sheetfed scanners, also known as automatic document scanners, are designed with an automatic document feeder (ADF) which allows the operator to scan multiple files without having to continuously feed the scanner each document piece by piece.

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