Premium multifunction printers to match your document workflow

A multifunction printer (MFP) combines the functionality of multiple devices to provide a smaller footprint within an office setting, a centralised document workflow and other advantages. MFPs typically support functionality such as scanning, printing, copying, fax and email, and may integrate with software solutions for document management.

The main types of multifunction printers are black and white multifunction printers, colour multifunction printers and compact multifunction printers. Explore a selection of quality multifunction printers designed for small, medium or large businesses.

Best multifunction printers

These featured multifunction printers will suit a wide range of printing requirements and can serve as the backbone for your business document workflows. Scan, copy, print and share documents with ease. Explore a selection of the top multifunction printers in our range.

Core features of multifunction printers

Multifunction printers provide a number of standard features that align with your document workflow needs.
Depending on your multifunction printer's model, you may also benefit from additional features.


Scan & copy

Scan your original document and produce a digital copy or physical copy of the document right away. MFPs and are equipped with different scan speeds and resolutions.


Print functionality

Print in only black and white, or colour as well. MFPs offer varying print speeds and resolutions to align with your daily document volume and quality requirements.


Document sharing

Multifunction printers can share documents with recipients via fax numbers or between email addresses, directly from the device or using print management software.


Wireless connectivity

Most MFPs are equipped with wireless technology which enables devices to link to mobile and desktop devices allowing users to perform functions via software solutions.


Auto document feeding

As all-in-one devices, multifunction printers may come equipped with ADFs which allow users to copy, scan, print and share multi-page documents without needing to switch pages manually.


High-quality output

Reproduce documents in high resolution to match your printing requirements. Assess your device's scanning and printing technology including its DPI to help you determine its output quality.

Advantages of multifunction printers

Take advantage of the many benefits multifunction printers provide as an all-in-one solution for managing scanning, copying, printing and meeting other document processing demands.


Cost savings

Consolidate the functionalities performed by several devices into a single multifunction printer that centralises document workflows and mitigates the need to purchase multiple devices.


Reduced office footprint

Using multiple devices to manage your scanning, copying, printing and document sharing needs takes up valuable space in an office environment. A MFP provides an all-in-one solution.


High output resolution

The right multifunction printer will be able to scan and reproduce your image or text document in clear detail and meet your quality requirements.


Centralised document management

By performing a variety of functions and integrations, multifunction printers enable document management from start to finish, all in one place.

Shop for multifunction printers from industry leaders

As the number one supplier of office printing solutions in South Africa, we supply reliable multifunction printers designed by top global brands. The brands in our range have established themselves as leaders in the printing industry, including Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Sharp and more.

Find a multifunction printer that matches your business needs, from brands trusted by businesses around the globe.

Types of multifunction printers

There are a few main types of multifunction printers you can choose from based on the kinds of documents you process on a daily basis.

Learn more about multifunction inkjet and laser printers and which documents they are best suited for as well as black and white multifunction printers and colour multifunction printers.

Multifunction laser printers are best suited for high speed, high volume of mostly text-based documents, whereas inkjet printers are ideal for colour documents and photographic printing.

When choosing the right type of multifunction printer, you should consider factors such as your monthly printing volume, printing size (A3 or A4), types of printing required (text vs image), and budget for running costs.

Black and white multifunction printers

Black and white multifunction printers reproduce documents in black and white onto substrates and are best suited for text-based documents. The cost per print with black and white printers is significantly lower when compared to colour printers, due to their usage of ink. However, your print volume is also a determining factor.

Black and white printers can be designed with laser or inkjet printing technology. We supply quality A4 & A3 black and white multifunction printers for upfront purchase or rental from brands such as Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Sharp and more.

Black and white multifunction printers
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Colour multifunction printers

Colour multifunction printers reproduce documents in colour onto substrates and are best suited for photographic printing or detailed colour documents.

The cost of printing a page is higher for colour printers when compared to black and white printers, due to the amount of ink on which a colour printer relies.

Colour printers can be designed with inkjet or laser printing technology. We supply quality A4 & A3 colour multifunction printers for upfront purchase or rental from brands such as Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Sharp and more.

Colour multifunction printers

Multifunction inkjet printers

Inkjet printing reproduces images onto substrates using a printhead that is integrated with an ink cartridge and propels droplets of ink. Inkjet printers are best suited for managing the printing needs associated with high-quality colour documents and photographs.

We supply quality black and white or colour A4 & A3 multifunction inkjet printers designed by industry-leading brands for upfront purchase or rental.

Multifunction inkjet printers
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Multifunction laser printers

Laser printers reproduce images using electrostatic printing which relies on a laser and a negatively charged drum that collects charged powdered ink and transfers it onto a substrate. Laser printers provide higher print speeds and typically lower cost per print, but are less suited for high-quality photograph printing.

We supply quality black and white or colour A4 & A3 multifunction laser printers designed by reputable global brands for upfront purchase or rental.

Multifunction laser printers

Find the right business printing solution with free expert advice

Expert advice and guidance can be the difference between implementing a sub-par or perfect printing solution.

With over 35 years of experience in the South African Office Automation industry, we are specialists in providing Managed Print solutions to match the demands of any type of business.

Aside from our multifunction printers, our range also includes office printers, wide format printers, Canon scanners, riso duplicators and consumables.

Contact our dedicated team if you require further information about any of our printers, service agreements, delivery and installation, and more.

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Factors to consider when evaluating multifunction printer prices

Explore key factors to keep in mind when calculating the cost of a multifunction printer for your workflow - including the cost of the device, usage patterns, reliability and more.


Toner, ink & paper usage

Usage patterns are an important consideration when purchasing any printer.

Consider your print volume and how this affects your usage of ink, toner and paper.


Colour, or Black & White

Black and white printers only require black ink, whereas colour printers require four colours of ink.

Consider the type of printer you'll need and whether it meets your needs.


Reliability & Maintenance

A MFP with a robust design & reputation for reliability might cost a little more but can help you save in the long run in maintenance and running costs.

Purchase the right model and perform regular maintenance to ensure maximum uptime.


Features & Performance

The number of features your MFP offers is likely to influence its price, alongside other factors such as scan and print speeds.

Assess your printing needs and how they align with your device's features and performance.


Outright purchase or lease

MFPs can be purchased upfront or rented, which influences your budget requirements.

Consider whether you have the capital to invest in your device(s) upfront or whether a rental agreement will match your monthly budget better.

Remanufactured multifunction printers

Benefit from top performance, reliability, low monthly running costs and numerous key features to fit the printing needs of your organisation.

We fully rebuild and restore multifunction printers for their next commercial cycle without relying on a variety of materials used to produce a whole new device.

Before entering our supply chain devices enter into remanufacturing followed by a thorough 72-point quality control process that is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

In addition to offering top performance, they are also a green choice for businesses by reducing global e-waste and the device's carbon footprint.

Refurbished multifunction printers

Our refurbished multifunction printers are also selected out of hundreds of models based on their monthly running costs and a track record of proven reliability.

Refurbished devices offer businesses the opportunity to save money while benefiting from the advantages of a top-of-the-line device.

Before entering our supply chain for purchase or rental, refurbished multifunction printers undergo thorough maintenance and a 37-point quality control check. Plus, refurbished machines come with a 5-year warranty.

When signing our service agreement every device is also under a full swap-out warranty.

Service level agreement

Pair your new printer or range of printers with a service agreement.

Making sure that your printing hardware is maintained and serviced regularly is the best way to reduce the cost of ownership by maintaining uptime and optimal performance.

Our service level agreements are fully inclusive and maintenance is performed by a certified technical provider.

Our photocopier service level agreement includes:

  • PrintFleet automatic software for remote meter reading and printing
  • Diagnostics
  • Toners
  • Imaging drums
  • Spares
  • Remote technical support
  • Onsite technical support
  • Loan units when required

Any business printing, scanning or copying more than 500 documents per month should consider a printer service level agreement.

You only pay for the prints/copies your organisation makes, as our service agreements are charged on a print/copy basis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Multifunction Printers

A multifunction printer acts as an all-in-one printing solution, allowing users to scan, copy, print, share and process documents using a variety of built-in features.

The capabilities of multifunction printers differ from device to device, although there are a number of core features that are standard across devices.

Single-function printers are designed to provide print-only functionality, whereas multifunction printers provide additional functionality such as scanning, photocopying, document sharing and a range of other features.

With single-function printers, you will require additional hardware to fulfil other document workflow needs such as scanning, photocopying and performing other functions.

When selecting a multifunction printer for a small business, it's important to consider your space constraints, document printing requirements, and budget.

If you have floor space available, you may consider a larger multifunction printer to suit the requirements of your document workflow. If you only have desk space available, your best choice would be a compact multifunction printer.

If you have very basic document requirements, consider a more basic multifunction printer that performs basic print, copy, and scan functions, however, if you need to perform a full range of document and printing functions, opt for a device with additional features like document sharing, wireless connectivity and more.

Budget considerations are also important when choosing the right type of multifunction printer. Consider the type of printer (inkjet vs laser), printing colour versus black and white, paper size, and whether you need a new device or if a secondhand multifunction printer could help save you money.

We would suggest purchasing a device produced by a reputable brand and you can use our shop's product filter to find printers produced by Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera and other leaders in the printing industry. Our product comparison tool also helps you compare each device and its features.

Speak to a sales consultant to find the perfect multifunction printer for your business