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Canon is a leading manufacturer of wide-format printers, providing a range of printers for large format printing applications.

Depending on the application, Canon has a selection of wide format printers for large format print production of photography, artworks, technical documents, digital designs, advertisements and more.

Printers in the wide-format range can also print on a collection of materials, from paper, plastic and acrylic to canvas board, textiles, metals and more. Canon's high-quality hardware integrates seamlessly with industry-leading software for premium print production, including CAD & GIS Workflow software.

CAD & GIS Wide Format Printing

Printers in Canon's wide-format range are designed to output high-resolution prints for Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

Canon's award-winning black and white, or colour plotters answer the demands of high-end design CAD & CAE applications.

Colour plotters provide smooth curves, fine lines, and precisely render colour text and graphics, while black and white plotters provide exceptional technical printing performance.

Experience intuitive operation and precise visual representation, while benefiting from a range of extended features with innovative software integrations.

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Wide Format Photo Printers

Explore premium, professional large format printers and cutters for stunning photography and fine art print production.

Canon's range of wide-format photographic printers provides precise colour and contrast, handling large format prints with ease.

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Large Format Printers for Posters & Signage

Make a statement and communicate clear messaging with large format printers for powerful poster campaigns, signs and exhibition graphics.

Canon's wide format printers for poster & signage printing provide industry-leading quality and speed, ideal for producing high-value graphic art and industrial printing applications.

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Leading Flatbed Printers

Canon's UV flatbed printers provide high-quality output print production using a variety of media.

Flatbed printers are able to print on media including standard and textured surfaces, rigid and flexible media, glass composites, aluminium and metals, canvas, wood, cardstock, rigid and flexible plastics.

Canon's UV flatbed printers boast high uptime, intuitive design and exceptional print quality.

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Canon Large Format Printers for a Variety of Industries

Large format printers are perfect for a wide range of industries due to their versatile applications.

They print a range of sizes, on a variety of materials (rigid and flexible), with high volume printing capacity, using integrated software solutions. Match small-scale or enterprise-level print management needs with ease.

Uses for Canon Wide Format Printers

Explore some of the many uses for Canon's leading large format printers in industries and professions around the globe.


High-resolution Print Production Using a Range of Materials.

Designed to produce prints in unrivalled quality for a variety of materials. Versatile and visually stunning, wide format printers produce prints using rigid or flexible materials, and in a range of sizes. Discover some of the most widely used materials utilised in large format print production applications.


Frequently asked questions about wide format printers

Wide-format printers are large format printers that are able to print on large paper or materials. Wide or large format printers typically use inkjet technology to output a variety of printing styles and finishes on different types of media including premium glossy-coated paper for signs and posters. They are commonly used to print posters, banners, vehicle graphics, construction plans, architectural drawings, wallpaper and other large format requirements.

Usually, wide format printers can print onto a range of media ranging from 24” (102cm), up to 60” (153cm) and sometimes even larger for specialised wide-format printing applications.

Wide or large format printers can print on a collection of materials, from paper, plastic, vinyl and acrylic to canvas board, textiles, metals and more.

A plotter is a device that receives commands from a computer and then draws its picture on the page. Plotters are functionally a mechanical drawing machine that holds a fine-point marker in a clamp and draws on your media the same way you would - it's just computer-controlled, so it can draw straight lines, circles, and strange curves, all perfectly accurate every time, with consistent line weight.

Plotters rely on vector graphics - vectors create images from point-to-point nodes connected by mathematically determined lines and curves.

A large format printer is a device that prints texts and images on media and outputs raster images, also known as bitmaps or pixels.

A bitmap file displays small dots in a pattern to create an overall composition.

Large format printing sometimes referred to as wide format printing, is a type of digital printing. Similar to an inkjet printer yet on a much bigger scale, it sprays ink onto the chosen materials to quickly produce quality prints with impeccable detail and accuracy.

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