Quality photocopy machines designed by leading brands

Explore a range of premium photocopy machines for rental or purchase, featuring top of the line performance and reliability.

Whether you're a small business or large enterprise, our range includes photocopiers with a range of helpful features to match your exact copying needs.

Learn about the core features of photocopy machines, the factors influencing the price of photocopiers, our purchase options and more.

Best photocopy machines

Our featured photocopy machines are designed by leading brands with a great reputation. These devices offer a variety of key features to help scan, copy, print and share documents reliably, and with ease.

Core features of photocopier machines

Most photocopiers include a range of standard features that will align with your copying and printing needs.

However, depending on the photocopy machine's model you may be able to benefit from additional optional features.


Scan & copy

Scan your original document, or documents with auto document feeders, and produce a digital copy or physical copy right away.


Print functionality

Photocopiers can print in colour or black and white (depending on the model), at varying speeds with differing quality (DPI).


Resize documents

Most photocopiers allow users to enlarge, reduce or crop documents using the controls on the device.


Security & access management

Most modern photocopiers are equipped with access management and security measures for user controls and to safeguard documents.


Email or fax

A common feature is the ability to send documents (scans) to recipients using email addresses or fax numbers, directly from the device.


Collate and staple

Photocopiers can create document packs to suit your needs, depending on whether you plan to staple or bind document bundles.


USB Printing & wireless printing

Most photocopy machines support copying and printing from USB storage devices. Wireless connectivity can also allow users to use wireless printing from mobile devices and computers.

Optional features of photocopy machines

A copier machine may support many helpful additional features to streamline and improve user experience.

Additional features might be as simple as an intuitive touch screen display which transforms your user experience or additional features could be related to a hardware-driven feature that a device can provide such as duplex printing, stapling, collating, or scanning.

Explore some of the optional features to look out for when purchasing a photocopy machine.


Automatic duplex printing & scanning

Some photocopy machines support duplex scanning and printing - meaning that both sides of a document can be scanned and printed.


Touch screen display

A device might be equipped with a full-colour touchscreen, which may provide a more intuitive and modern way to perform functionalities.


Print manage software integrations

Photocopiers may be equipped to connect to print management software, making it easy to manage printing cost accounting, user access, and perform tasks using a desktop or mobile device.


Optical character recognition (OCR)

Devices may be equipped with OCR to convert text within an image into text data which is machine-readable and enables automated processing of documents.

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Factors to consider when evaluating photocopy machine prices

There are a few key factors to keep in mind when choosing a photocopy machine and assessing the price of different options.

We have important considerations to help you budget for the cost of your photocopy machine including the cost of a brand new, refurbished or remanufactured photocopier, its features, your usage patterns, maintenance and more.


Copy volumes & speed

A higher speed usually means a higher price tag.

Photocopiers with slower scan and print speeds tend to be better suited for fewer users with a lower copy volume. Photocopiers with faster scan and print speeds are more suitable for multiple users and to manage a higher copy volume.


Toner, printheads, ink and paper usage

Evaluate your expected daily use, and how this might affect your running costs.

During the lifespan of your photocopy machine, you will always need to keep in mind the cost of replacing ink cartridges, toner, and paper. Other parts may also need to be replaced periodically.

Sometimes a more expensive photocopy machine may have lower running costs that can save you in the long run.


Format (A3/A4)

Think about the size of documents you'll be copying on a daily basis, and your available desk or floor space.

The document sizes supported by your photocopy machine are likely to influence the cost of the device, running costs as well as its form factor.


Colour, or Black & White

Consider whether you need a colour or a black and white photocopier, and how this may impact your budget.

Black and white printers typically rely on a single black ink cartridge, whereas colour photocopiers require four separate inks - resulting in a gap in per-page copying costs.


Reliability & Service

A reliable photocopier that is maintained regularly and provides maximum uptime will reduce its cost of ownership over time.

To avoid unnecessary breakdowns and costly maintenance, purchase a quality photocopier and consider the cost of any maintenance or the cost of your service agreement and what it includes.


Features & ease of use

Business photocopiers will offer a similar range of standard features, however, some models might provide some more advanced features, and finishing options (such as binding and hole punching) and cost slightly more.

Compare your photocopier and its features with your needs to find a happy medium.


Energy Compliance & Consumption

Energy-compliant photocopiers provide a more environmentally friendly option for managing your copy volume and can help you save on operating costs.

Purchasing energy-compliant photocopiers may be slightly more expensive upfront, but well worth it in the long term.


New, refurbished or remanufactured

While photocopy machines can be purchased brand new, if you have a tight budget or are struggling to find the functionality you desire at an affordable price, you may benefit from a refurbished or remanufactured photocopier, offering excellent performance at a reduced cost.

Purchase options for photocopy machines

To suit the bounds of your budget, photocopy machines can be purchased outright or rented over a set period up to 72 months.

Photocopiers purchased upfront or rented monthly can be paired with a service agreement to maintain the longevity of your device(s) and maximum uptime.

Explore our purchase options for photocopy machines below.

Photocopy machines for sale

Purchase a photocopier outright to reduce the cost of a brand new device, and mitigate the need for monthly payments associated with lease agreements.

Our competitive pricing and expert advice will help you find the best solution that fits your budget.

Sign a service agreement to ensure you receive the best possible after-sales service conducted by a certified technical agent.


Photocopier machine rental

Rent a photocopy machine to reap the benefits of a high-performance photocopier while preserving cash flow and without overextending your monthly overheads.

Purchasing a secondhand photocopy machine, that is remanufactured or refurbished, can also help you save money and fulfil your copying needs.

Our in-house rental finance facility allows businesses to select a lease period of up to 72 months at a fixed rate.

Second hand photocopy machine

Second hand photocopiers are a viable and worthwhile choice for businesses that are looking for a world-class device at a significantly reduced rate.

Our photocopy machines are carefully selected from thousands of used devices based on their reliability and quality for remanufacturing or refurbishment.

These devices are then assessed according to strict quality control processes before entering our supply chain. Pairing a remanufactured or refurbished copier with a service agreement also allows you to benefit from regular maintenance and a full swap-out warranty.

Learn more about our remanufactured and refurbished photocopy machines.

Remanufactured photocopy machines

During remanufacturing, used photocopy machines are returned to their original manufacturer's performance specification and condition for their next commercial cycle, without relying on a full range of additional materials to produce a brand new device.

We only select photocopier device models that provide reliability, performance and low-monthly running costs. Before entering our supply chain, these photocopiers undergo remanufacturing and a rigorous 72-point quality control process that is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Remanufactured devices are available at a reduced rate while still offering top performance and features to fit the needs of your organisation. They are also a 'green' choice that reduces global e-waste and the carbon footprint of a device.

Refurbished photocopy machines

Refurbished photocopiers also offer businesses the opportunity to save money while benefiting from the advantages of a top of the line device. Refurbishing involves returning defective devices that are lightly or not used to their proper manufacturers specified function.

Before entering our supply chain for purchase or rental, United Copier's photocopy machines undergo a 37-point quality control check and thorough maintenance. Plus, refurbished machines come with a 5-year warranty.

When signing our service agreement every device is also under a full swap-out warranty.

Service level agreement

Service level agreements ensure maximum uptime and reduce the total cost of ownership for hardware.

With our full inclusive service level agreement, we ensure an organisation's printing hardware is maintained by a certified technical after-sales provider.

Any business printing, scanning or copying more than 500 documents per month should consider a printer service level agreement.

Our photocopier service level agreement includes:

  • PrintFleet automatic software for remote meter reading and printing
  • diagnostics
  • Toners
  • Imaging drums
  • Spares
  • Remote technical support
  • Onsite technical support
  • Loan units when required

Service level agreements are charged on a per print/copy basis, meaning you only pay for the prints/copies your organisation makes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Photocopy Machines

Is there a difference between a printer and a photocopy machine?

A printer is able to reproduce an image in black and white or colour using types of printing technologies (like laser printing and inkjet printing). Their primary focus is on efficiently turning electronic documents into physical paper documents.

Photocopy machines were designed to only produce copies of documents, by scanning documents into images and reproducing the image on a new piece of paper. Their primary focus is on efficiently producing multiple copies of documents.

Today, you can find devices which offer these distinct functionalities, or multifunction devices that encompass both copying and printing with added features like scanning, sharing and managing many other document-related features.

How much is a photocopy machine in South Africa?

A photocopy machine for business use can cost anywhere from a few thousand rand to hundreds of thousands of rands, and there are a range of factors that can influence the price of a photocopier.

Some primary factors can include the type of scanning and printing technologies the copier relies on, their resolution and speed, the supported size format(s) and features, as well as usage factors such as ink, toner and paper you require to make copies and how often replacements are required.

The cost of photocopy machines are influenced by many of the same factors that influence the cost of multifunction printers.

Get in touch with us today to discuss the wide range of options available and find a photocopier that suits your needs and budget.

Which photocopy machine is best for business?

The photocopy machine that is best for your business will be based on your business needs.

Smaller businesses might benefit from a device such as a multifunction printer that offers more straightforward scanning, copying and printing functionalities, where aspects such as volume and speed aren't major considerations.

Larger businesses may require a device that offers an extended range of functionalities, with a faster copy and print speed to manage higher volumes of documents.

Contact us for expert advice and find the best solution to suit your needs.

What is the best copier for home use?

A photocopier for the home should be designed for desktop placement and should offer solutions to your specific printing needs. Users should look out for a photocopier with a compact form factor, and one that can perform a standard range of features, such as scanning, copying and printing, very well. The brand of copier and model should also be considered for the device's reliability. Cost per use is another consideration when buying a photocopier for the home as is printing speed and added functionality like OCR based on your needs.

Due to the high cost of devices, consider renting a small photocopier for home use to benefit from improved efficiency without the upfront payment.

What is the best copier brand?

There are many large, established brands that develop photocopy machines that compete in terms of reliability, features, cost and performance.

Some of the brands to consider when searching for a high quality photocopier, include:

  • Canon
  • Xerox
  • Sharp
  • Konica Minolta
  • Kyocera
  • Olivetti
  • HP
  • Ricoh
  • Samsung
  • Toshiba

Which Copy Machine has the cheapest ink

Evaluating your cartridge yield - which refers to the number of pages a toner or ink cartridge can print per cartridge - and what it costs to replace a cartridge, will enable you to figure out the cost per page printed. This will give you an idea of how cost effective your printer and whether your photocopy machine is competitive in this area.

Explore our post on business printers vs office printers may help you explore this factors and others in more detail.

Is it better to lease or buy a copier?

Whether you purchase a copier outright, or decide to rent a photocopier will largely depend on whether you have a large enough budget to invest in a device or several devices initially.

When buying a copier upfront, you can avoid the monthly payments associated with lease agreements, and focus on the costs associated with maintenance and usage. However, you have the drawback of requiring a larger initial budget to purchase the devices you require.

With copier rentals, you negate the need for a hefty initial investment, and you can benefit from monthly rental rates which are easier to manage on a monthly basis.

Although the end cost of the device might be slightly higher, depending on your rental rate, you won't need a big budget to get started. You will also need to consider usage patterns and maintenance.