Canon Photocopy Machines - Why We Love Them

Canon Photocopy Machines - Why We Love Them


Canon photocopy machines are a staple in many office settings. They're simple to use, durable, and reliable. Plus, their software makes them ideal for businesses that want to streamline their processes. 

Here's why we love them.

canon-photocopy-machine-business Business Efficiency

The ideal MFP should refine your print ecosystem, and Canon photocopy machines are designed to do just that. Your office will appreciate these devices' straightforwardness and reliability because of their simplicity in hardware and software. 


Novice users will have no trouble using Canon copiers, making them a great choice for businesses that want to ensure their employees can use them easily. Reducing the time it takes to figure out how the MFP works boosts productivity.


Various features are implemented into the device’s infrastructure to boost uptime and promote durability. 

Through Canon’s GENUINE parts, for example, Quality Assurance kits are used to decrease equipment malfunctions and downtime. In addition, before Canon photocopy machines are distributed, they undergo various tests under strict circumstances to ensure the equipment is state-of-the-art.

Canon’s GENUINE parts, including cleaning rollers, cleaning blades, pressure rollers, and more, were designed to increase the longevity and stability of the copier. This means you can count on them to work when you need them.

canon-photocopy-machine-cost-efficientCost Efficiency 

Canon photocopy machines are worth the penny for their productivity level. They are energy-efficient and consume just enough toner and ink without sacrificing quality and are big on productivity.

Energy Consumption 

The multifunction office machine imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX C5860i, for instance, uses cutting-edge features such as a newly developed low-melting-point toner and a motor that efficiently controls the electric current to minimize CO2 releases during customer use by 13% when compared to the previous model.

Additionally, this Canon photocopier features an ultra-low sleep mode that Canon says uses just 0.5 watts of power. This makes it one of the most cost-efficient and eco-friendly Canon photocopiers on the market today.

Its low energy consumption and low carbon emissions make it a great choice for companies that want to reduce their environmental impact while saving money. 

By implementing sleep mode, Canon photocopy machines reduce how much power is consumed. This works out to be approximately 0.9W.

Consumable Usage

With Canon's GENUINE consumables, you get high-quality printing that's true to life. These vibrant colors are stable and leave your work with consistent shades and colors due to the technology used within their toners and cartridges. As a result, you'll have graphics and documents that last rather than lose their vibrancy.

Through Canon's most recent IAP Toner Bottle technology, your MFP can use consumables more efficiently, as the air-assist system provides a steady toner flow once printing starts.

Canon's principal on-demand fusing toner is the Energy Saving Fine Toner. It has a low temperature, fast melting, and solid fixing characteristics that save energy while in standby mode. This fusing technology at low temperatures allows for high-speed printing, all while your printer works less.

Productivity Costs

Canon takes productivity to another level. To begin with, the user interface is so intuitive and friendly that no time is wasted.

Canon's MFPs have shortcuts on the device's interface so you can do things quickly. Integrated machine learning also means that the devices will remember what you like to do, so you don't have to enter information again for routine tasks.

No one likes printing, copying, or scanning the same documents multiple times. It’s a sure way to waste time. To help you avoid this, cutting-edge scanning technology was integrated to reduce the margin for error significantly. For instance, misfeed detection identifies when several pages are fed at once.

This halts scanning until the situation is corrected. In addition, canon's newest MFPs also come with a specially coated glass panel. This will prevent dust and dirt from latching onto your device. As a result, you'll clean your device less and focus more on doing what matters most.

canon-photocopy-machine-environmentalEnvironmental Efficiency  

Canon knows that global warming contributes to extreme weather conditions around the world. They are doing their part to minimize any negative impact their MPFs may have.

Between 2008 and 2021, Canon devices saved 60,522 GWh of energy due to energy-saving technologies used in office equipment. This success is expected to translate to some 28,200,000 tons of carbon dioxide reduction. A huge win for the environment and Canon. 

Their significant contribution didn’t go unnoticed, as they were crowned partner of the year by Energy Star for protecting the environment through less energy consumption. 


With a ‘special’ task force of engineers and scientists, Canon continues to study, explore, and develop new technologies to aid in the prevention of global warming. As a result, their photocopiers are more energy efficient and have lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Through all stages of product development, including their copiers, locations, and operations, Canon has worked to reduce CO2 releases. For example, the induction heating fixing technology used within their MFDs reduces how much electricity is needed when operating a copier.

In addition, the tech mogul is constantly working to refine existing printers and copiers. For example, a plastic frame was used in newer models to create a lighter unit.

Compared to older models, this cuts down the weight by more than 25%. Not only does this make the product more environment-friendly by reducing CO2 emissions from material procurement, but it also makes it easier for you to move copiers around the office.

With Canon photocopying machines, your business will become more efficient as your staff can easily manage the equipment and rely on it when work needs to be done. The cost is also worth it, as these photocopiers consume less energy, consumables provide high-quality outputs, and productivity is enhanced. 

To work with an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly MFP that enhances productivity, call 086 011 8101 or email [email protected] and let us help you.

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