Olivetti: Over a Century of Excellence

Olivetti: Over a Century of Excellence


When businesses consider the best printers and multifunction copiers (MFPs) for their business, Olivetti is one of the first names that comes to mind and rightly so. Olivetti first opened its doors in 1908 and has remained at the forefront of quality and innovation ever since. Here is an overview of the business, and what continues to distinguish their printers on the market today.

A Brief History

Olivetti was founded 124 years ago by Camillo Olivetti in Italy as a typewriter manufacturer. From the outset, the meticulous attention to detail and design was apparent, and these early typewriters are sought-after museum pieces today. However, it was his son, Adriano’s vision that took the brand international. Olivetti produced the world’s first electronic typewriter, and this propelled them to produce other electronic equipment as well. 

Olivetti kept on breaking ground in the world of pocket calculators, computers, tablets, and mobile phones for many decades. Through mergers and acquisitions, many of these technologies now sit with other partner companies, while Olivetti concentrates on innovative printer technology. It was the first company to release an ink-jet printer to consumers in the early 1980s. In addition to printers, it also offers business optimisation tools such as:

Olivetti Printers

Because of the wide range of Olivetti printers available, most businesses, from micro to large, can find a model that is fit for its purpose. Retail and leasing prices for these printers are reasonable, despite their fast printing and scanning speeds. Olivetti copiers also tend to have more paper capacity than their rivals, which helps to boost productivity. 

Because of their relatively long lifespans, many businesses also consider a rent-to-own option to gain more productive years from their machines at the end of the rental period. 

The two founding pillars for Olivetti that still stand to this day are technology and design. Although this may not be your first consideration, the appearance of Olivetti machines does leave a lasting impression. If you have a business where clients enter the workspace, you could consider the aesthetics that go along with these machines. 

However, the design does not end with the exterior. Olivetti, as an environmentally conscious business, has designed a range of Olivetti copiers that far exceed European eco guidelines. They are also designed with the ease and efficiency of maintenance in mind, which drives down repair and service costs. 

Finding The Right Model

With dozens of models to choose from, you will be able to find the model that is right for your business. Olivetti printer prices range from R12,149.99 (R300 p.m. over 60 months)* to R174,699.00 (R4,098.00 p.m. over 60 months)*. Here is a breakdown of a few of our most popular models.



Olivetti d-Color MF659
Olivetti d-Copia 3201MF


Olivetti d-Color MF309
Olivetti d-Copia 4024MF

Olivetti Toner

In addition to producing high-quality printers and copiers, Olivetti also has a reputation for its toner cartridges that combine excellent print quality with low running costs. We stock over 100 Olivetti printer cartridges to ensure seamless continuity and productivity in your business. 

Get The Right Advice For Your Business

To help you find the right Olivetti MFP for your business, or to help you compare them with other printers, you can chat with our team of certified experts. Please get in touch with us at 086 011 8101, or [email protected], or fill out the contact form on our website.

* Pricing correct at the time of publishing this blog (October 2022).
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