Best Office Printers in South Africa in 2023

Best Office Printers in South Africa in 2023


Choosing the best office printer depends on needed features and functionalities, intended usage, and your budget.  We have rounded up our top picks out there to guide you through the overwhelm of options available by categorizing them into specific categories. We also take a quick look at factors to consider to narrow your choices down to that ‘one’.

The Best Home Office Laser Printer

Olivetti d-Copia 3524MF plus Multifunction Printer

Ideal for a smaller workplace, the Olivetti d-Copia 3524MF plus is our choice for the busy home office. Print on the run using your phone and never worry about speed print, while living your do-it-all lifestyle. 

We especially love its green approach. With reduced energy consumption, and long-life components bringing your running costs down, it also sports eco-friendly parts and comes with reduced packaging for the conscientious user. 



  • Colour touch screen

  • Paper size-A4

  • Print Speed-Up to 35 ppm

  • Connectivity-LAN,WiFi,USB

  • print Type-Laser Multifunction Printer

  • Function -Print/Copy/Scan/Fax

  • Duplex printing  

  • Smart phone printing

The Best Small Office Printer

Canon imageRUNNER 1643if Multifunction Printer

When considering a small office printer, factors like economy, space and high efficiency are crucial. 

The Canon imageRUNNER 1643if is compact, multifunctional and uses high-yield, easily replaceable consumables. This small but powerful package does not sacrifice printing speed or quality, making it our top pick for any small office.



  • Printer type-Laser Multifunction Printer

  • Function-Print/Copy/Scan/Fax

  • Paper size -A4

  • Colour-Black & White

  • Connectivity-USB,WiFi,LAN

  • Print resolution-600 x 600 dpi

  • Duplex printing 

  • Weight - approximately 4kg

The Best All-In-One Colour Printer

Olivetti d-Color MF3024 Multifunction Printer

This A4 color multifunctional printer is a winning option for small to medium sized offices. It is designed to be used without a physical connection to the office network, while still being secure. 

The Olivetti d-Color MF3024 has an advanced solution platform (JAWS) which enables information sharing and workflow improvement with ease. This stylish and elegant printer is packed with thoughtful features to help teams collaborate and manage office tasks effortlessly. 



  • Colour and mono 

  • Paper size-A4

  • Print Speed(CPM)-Up to 30 ppm

  • Connectivity-LAN,WiFi(optional),USB,SD(optional)

  • print Type-Laser Multifunction Printer

  • Function -Print/Copy/Scan/Fax

  • Duplex printing 

  • Smart phone printing

The Best Printer for Heavy Duty Printing

Canon imageRUNNER Advance DX C3830i Multifunction Printer

Our top pick for companies with a higher print requirement is known for its faster than average two-sided copy and scanning speed and exceptional image quality.

The imageRUNNER Advance DX C3830i is a compact machine with a large capacity that includes security and print management solutions. The entire Canon imageRUNNER Advance DX C3800 range features solid state drives (SSD), ensuring faster startup times as well as a higher resistance to shock and vibrations. 



  • Paper size -A4/A3

  • Colour-Black & White

  • Interface Connection-USB,WiFi,LAN ,Bluetooth(option

  • 30 ppm print speed (LTR, BW/Colour)

  • Scan up to 270ipm (LTR, 300 dpi, BW/colour, duplex) 

The Best All Rounder Wide Format Printer 

Canon iPF TM-300 Wide Format Printer

This wide format printer is a technical or creative professional’s dream. Not only did Canon put a lot of thought in designing a quiet machine, idyllic to the environment it occupies, they made it super stylish as well. 

This, coupled with the range of creative workflow features and competitive quality made the Canon iPF TM-300 our pick for this category.  



  • Printer type -CAD & Technical

  • Colour-Black & White

  • Connectivity-USB,WiFi,LAN

  • Print resolution-2400 x 1200 dpi

  • weight-approximately 60kg (excluding ink and print heads)

  • Environment compliance-TUV, CB

  • Paper size-A0 (36")

Factors to Consider When Buying an Office Printer

Our choices above were made from a long history of experience and user feedback. This may not be your top choice, however. To further narrow your choices down, consider all the factors.


A multifunctional device is the obvious choice in saving money and space, but when considering this option, be sure to assess the level of innovation you need for your office needs. By monitoring current usage of your office equipment, you will start understanding the need for document and workflow management features needed. 


Besides the initial cost of your equipment, it is important to research the machine’s capabilities in terms of consumable replacement costs. Note the number of prints that you will get from a new ink replacement for example, and how available the replacements will be.

Also consider that an outright purchase of new equipment is not always necessary. A refurbished machine is cost effective, reliable, and in our case, completely green. 

Renting your printer is also an option that is flexible and convenient. 

Inkjet or laser?

Simply put, laser printers use toner, making them most suitable for high-volume printing. Inkjet printers use ink and are best for low-volume, higher resolution printing. 

You want professional print quality either way, which is measured by dots per inch, or DPI. While inkjet printer resolutions typically start at 1,200 DPI, laser printer resolutions typically range from 600 to 1,200 DPI.


Printing speed is expressed in pages per minute, or PPM. Although PPM for pictures and text may vary slightly between printers, the measurement will let you choose the option that best suits your company's demands.

Wireless Access

Printers with wireless or Bluetooth connectivity offer the option of printing from user devices like their smart phones. These printers will be able to access a document management system, which simply means that users can access electronically stored files using the printer without needing to transfer the data through a computer.


Carefully considering your printing needs, expectations, budget and technology requirements will help you make the best decision when buying an office printer. contact us on 086 001 8101 or [email protected] to chat with a member of our knowledgeable, committed sales staff for guidance on a cost-effective print solution for your company.

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