HP Printers for Office Use: 6 Top Benefits of the LaserJet Managed Series

HP Printers for Office Use: 6 Top Benefits of the LaserJet Managed Series


A printer is important to the operations of your office. But you’re not looking to settle for just another piece of equipment. You need the right office printer to guarantee work efficiency and stand the test of time, especially when there’s an influx of document handling daily.

One such model is the HP LaserJet Managed Series. These business printers were designed and modeled to streamline workflows and optimize printing operations on both ends—for office use, and at home.

What does your office stand to gain by implementing an HP printer and scanner from the LaserJet Managed series? We’ve documented six top benefits to help with your buying decision. 

A Powerhouse That Gets More Done

HP LaserJet Managed E82560du Multifunction PrinterThese HP printers for office use boost work productivity, guaranteeing more work gets done. For example, the HP LaserJet Managed E82560du Multifunction Printer's unique quadcore processor clocks up to 60ppm (or pages per minute), compared to most laser jets, which often operate between 12 and 20 ppm. This is up to three times more than the average printer speed. With this processing velocity, you’re better equipped to print large volumes around the office.

In addition, this model’s 180 ipm maximizes performance with faster scanning speeds and optical character recognition (OCR). As scanning becomes a larger component of organisations' workflows, rapid scanning and document character recognition is a critical feature that removes the need to purchase an additional specialised standalone document scanner. 

This massive improvement in print and scanning time means faster, more robust performance. No more slouching by the office printer, wasting precious time waiting for documents to be printed.

Furthermore, the printer’s duplex (double-sided) printing feature removes the back-and-forth that’s often involved with single-sided printing. This streamlines the process, ensuring that documents are printed on both paper sides in a single pass, instead of on one side, and then having to be flipped to accommodate printing on the next.

The HP LaserJet Managed E82560du MFP is specially equipped to handle the hectic workflow found in larger offices, where many documents flow through the pipeline daily from a wide range of sources. 

This efficiency level does not only apply to this specific model. All the HP LaserJet Managed Series printers are designed to improve office productivity across the board. With these workflow enhancers, your printer won’t be an office bottleneck.

Efficient Use of Energy

The LaserJet Managed multifunction printer series maximizes resources by doing more with less power. These HP printers for the office help manage office assets in three principal ways: 

  • Duplex printing (default two-sided printing) 

Documents are sent once for printing, equating to less energy consumption than normal and single-sided printing. The device demands less processing work for the same quality output, and, in most cases, double-sided printing is produced as fast as single-sided printing.

  • A sustainable design 

Low amounts of energy are needed for printing because of the printer’s innovative design. The LaserJet Managed series of printers comply with environmental standards and are certified by Blue Angel and ENERGY STAR. You get to run your office efficiently while contributing to the greater good of society by minimizing your carbon imprints. This is a remarkable feeling and a great look for business.

  • Toner technology 

Cartridges are sustainably developed and are easily recycled. 

Saves You Money

You can save up to 50% on paper-associated costs with duplex printing. This saves the office money on paper that could be budgeted to tackle other expenses.

With quicker printing and scanning speeds and the sustainable design of these printers, you also save time, money, and energy.

HP LaserJet Managed printers are multi-functional, which means they can be used for copying, printing, and scanning documents. Some MFPs have even extended their usage by allowing users to scan and email copies of documents to various email addresses. With these features, you don’t need to buy separate work equipment to get stuff done. You save by having an all-in-one printer. 

An Added Layer of Protection

HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E47528f Multifunction PrinterDubbed as the leader of the world’s most secure printing technology, HP built the LaserJet Managed series using top-notch security that never sleeps. HP Wolf Security stands guard to identify and protect against threats to prevent unrelenting hackers from pilfering and selling important data. 

With this “smart” system, your printer also adjusts to new threats as they arise. The system’s running code undergoes frequent analysis to detect disrepair and make improvements using HP Sure Start.

In essence, while you and your team handle business, documented specialists in cybersecurity are vigilant, keeping information secure via regular updates. You work interruption-free, which boosts productivity exponentially. 

Some of the best built-in features of these models of HP printers for office use include: 

Offices of all sizes can benefit from HP’s security system. However, businesses with large offices and remote workers can utilize vigilance around the clock. For an individual remote worker, the HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E47528f Multifunction Printer is a powerhouse, while the HP LaserJet Managed E87650du Multifunction Printer is equipped for large teams.

As hybrid workplaces become prevalent, many businesses struggle to prevent cyberattacks from penetrating their systems. With the LaserJet Managed series, you can focus on work while HP’s smart security features protect your system.


HP LaserJet Managed E87650du Multifunction PrinterThis series boasts a sleek (sometimes dense) modern look that complements any office. Their elegant design screams luxury and is easy on the eyes. They blend in with the typical office decor rather than stand out as bulky, ugly equipment.

Although varied in size and shape, the signature look remains apparent. For example, smaller, more compact designs like the HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E47528f Multifunction Printer are best suited for individuals who want similar security options but may not have a lot of space to go around. 

A Seamless Digital Workflow

The ever-changing and growing demand for a hybrid workplace has revolutionized office productivity. The LaserJet Managed Series was developed to adjust to the fast-moving pace of office life through remote or in-office use.

These multifunctional printers enable seamless workflows across cloud storage, which most offices use daily. Hybrid workflows and workplaces can scan documents directly and print them from cloud software like SharePoint (OneDrive) and Dropbox. This secure HP Roam for Business feature provides virtual, anywhere printing to ensure that work continues.

When paper meets the cloud, the possibilities are endless, and on-the-go printing has never been easier or more secure. Collaboration is also streamlined. Documents are rapidly captured and shared across multiple platforms with respective recipients.

There’s no denying it; having these HP printers for office use is a great asset. If you require a suitable HP printer, send an inquiry for a quote by email at [email protected] or call 086 011 8101, and we’ll help you locate the best option for your needs

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