LFP eService - Large Format Printer Maintenance

LFP eService - Large Format Printer Maintenance


Why a Large Format Printer Maintenance eService? 

Imagine operating your fleet of imagePROGRAF printers with zero to little downtime. Customers keep returning because of the impeccable, timely service they receive, and print resources are available without keeping costly inventory.

This seems like the perfect set-up. Sadly, this isn’t what your typical day looks like. Many engineers, artists, architects, and large format printing service providers struggle to balance their responsibilities, and frequent issues that complicate things.

Printer ink frequently runs low when important jobs are underway, and the equipment goes down at the most inconvenient hour. 

With a LFP maintenance plan, your office could experience fewer print disruptions and streamline certain processes in the print ecosystem. 

Here are some top ways you’d benefit.

1. Only Pay for What is Printed

With a reliable LFP eService, you reduce printing costs exponentially. 

With a pay-per-print structure, you save money by only paying for the ink you use. This monthly payment is determined by how much ink is consumed in milliliters when printing is initiated. The LFP Monitor application tracks this usage, so your monthly expenditure for this managed print service isn’t only easy to understand but predictable. No surprises come billing time. 

In addition, a pay-per-print model protects your profit margins. Your margins depend on how customers patronize your business. So in those slower times, it helps paying only for printed jobs rather than a fixed subscription.

2. Maintain Print Consumables to Avoid Depletion

A low-toner message is one of the worst things to encounter in a fast-paced environment that relies on large format prints. This is especially devastating when printouts such as poster campaigns, CADS, artworks, signage, etc., are demanded by angry customers and clients. 

With a wide format printer maintenance plan, you avoid the headache of running low on print resources. 

How does this work? 

Special software is deployed on a local PC within the office when you use an LFP eService. This LFP Monitor program then connects to Canon’s Secure Server. Data is accessed by the managed print service provider, who tracks consumables used within your print environment. 

The service provider can view when cartridges need maintenance, ink tanks are depleting, and print heads are required. The wide format printer technician you partner with will set up certain alerts, so automatic messages are sent out when consumables are needed. 

With these resources maintained and renewed by a third party, you never need to go through the embarrassment of not having important printouts when needed. 

There’s another huge benefit of having a service provider maintain and manage your consumables. It enhances workflow at the office. Think about how much you and the team can accomplish with fully functional large format printers and requisite printing resources on hand when you need to deliver client work.

Your printer and employees work uninterrupted and can focus on the most important job: printing high-quality graphics, blueprints, drawings, and plans to ensure repeat business never dwindles. 

This remote service minimizes the need for inventory and stock keeping. You’ll always have exactly what you need. 

3. Safe and Real-time Remote Monitoring

With multiple large format printers operating daily, it’s easy to lose track of what’s happening with your printer fleet. However, with a competent LFP eService, your print network is monitored to ensure all your printers are working as they should.

Constant monitoring will reduce downtime, and problems with your print fleet can be caught quickly and corrected.

As with other print management services, everything is done remotely, as your print environment is connected to the imagePROGRAF LFP Monitor cloud-based system.

Other advantages to having your LFP monitored remotely and in real-time include: 

  • Access to intelligent insights while keeping operating costs low.

  • Constant monitoring of printers to ensure they work when needed.

  • Get predictions of system failures or when maintenance is necessary.

4. Coverage for All Maintenance Expenses

Instead of having a list of separate bills to settle monthly, your LFP eService comes with a full service and maintenance package. As a result, you never have to pay singly for the vast managed print services at your disposal. 

These costs include: 

  • Printer consumables

  • Print fleet monitoring and scheduled maintenance 

  • Service and support 

  • (may include the cost of a large format printer)

5. Peace of Mind with Superb Support

Stop worrying about what could go wrong when you have an expert-managed print service provider in your corner. Having your printers monitored for maximum efficiency allows you to focus on what’s important.

With a remote, credentialed team of professionals supporting your business, you perform your responsibilities knowing that your patrons are served well.  

Run Your Business with Laser-Focus and Improved Customer Satisfaction

Manage your business with laser focus, regardless of the industry. Printing doesn’t have to be a hassle nor interrupt the everyday flow at the office. 

As managed print service providers, we understand how imperative it is to have readily accessible consumables, routine maintenance to keep your print fleet in good order, and a monitoring system to bolster uptime. 

With our “pay for what you print” model and on-time ink replenishing system, we help you improve customer satisfaction. 

If you’re ready to cut costs through a large format printer maintenance agreement, call 086 011 8101 or email [email protected] and make an inquiry.

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