Bizhub - Top Benefits of an Iconic Konica Minolta Range

Bizhub - Top Benefits of an Iconic Konica Minolta Range


Konica Minolta Bizhub printers provide the ideal document solution for print-heavy businesses. They integrate various business applications to organize your operations without frustrating printer lags and additional costs. 

These printers were made to grow with the demands of the office. 

Most businesses are drawn to them for the following reasons

  • Professional finish to color-dense documents at reduced costs. 

  • As workload increases, they can be scaled to match the challenge. 

  • They are environmentally friendly 

  • Their horsepower and the speed at which they get printing done.

Let’s explore the finer features of these multifunction printers and determine how they can augment your business workflows.

Top Benefits and Features of the Konica Minolta Bizhub Printers

To ensure that your business needs and the Konica Minolta bizhub printers align, it’s best to explore them in-depth. The benefits and features to follow are synonymous across bizhub printers, with slight variations in print speed, scan speed, and resolution. 

High-Quality, Professional Print Documents

It’s standard practice for some businesses to outsource print jobs requiring professional finesse or top-notch colored printing. However, third-party intervention isn't needed with the impressive Konica Minolta bizhub as an alliance.

Bizhub gives you the confidence to print documents in-house with an expert touch whenever you need them, due to its toner technology formulated using Simitri®. 

Simitri® is a high-quality toner developed by Konica Minolta, where color pigment particles merge with a resin. It’s the first polymerized toner to hit the market for monochrome multifunction printers (printers primarily printing black and white documents). 

Through further innovations, Simitri® HD+ toner was released, which has revolutionized printing for both monochrome and color. 

When compared with the industry that only uses 57.2% and 13.3% polymerized toner for color and monochrome, respectively, Konica Minolta is ahead of the game. Up to 99.6% color toner and 96.5% monochrome toner used by Konica Minolta is polymerized. 

Polymerized toners are said to be the superior quality, when compared to the pulverized toners mainly used in the industry. 

  • Detail focused
    Printouts are produced with razor-sharp, crisp detail. This gives your documents a polished, professional look that’s rich and vibrant in color. 

  • Reduced printing costs
    Toner consumption is less when printing color-laden documents like brochures, presentations, reports, newsletters, etc.

The Konica Minolta Bizhub C458 Multifunction Printer is a superb option when you need to print documents with finer details. With 1200 x 1200 DPI, C458 produces documents with distinctly legible text and consistently sharp images without excessive noise.


Refurbished Konica Minolta Bizhub C458 Multifunction Printer

Print and Workflow Management

These printers incorporate novice cloud services, where applications can be accessed from the Bizhub MarketPlace to increase workflow productivity. 

This is ideal when you want to quickly retrieve documents from a cloud management system like SharePoint, Google Drive, and others.

Furthermore, you’ll have a robust group of productivity tools to add additional features to your ecosystem. PageScope Enterprise Suite, for example, offers a list of other software that is great for:

  • server-based authentication

  • account tracking 

  • interface customization 

  • IT management for multiple devices

  • automatic alerts to accelerate workflows

  • handling passwords and accounts 

Whether you operate within the health care, legal, insurance, educational, government, or printing service industry, bizhub gives you the software you need to work efficiently.

Speed Enhancement 

The fast internal processing speed of Bizhub MFPS allows you to get more done when you’re pressed for time and have a lot of documents that need printing, copying, or scanning. 

The printer churns out the first copy in 7 seconds (sometimes less), so you can start working quickly.

Even with large volumes of image and color-heavy documents, the bizhub MFPs get the job done in no time. You never have to sacrifice speed and quality, as these printers are built to give the best of both worlds.

The Remanufactured Konica Minolta Bizhub C364 is big on print and scan speed, clocking up to 36 ppm and 160 ipm, respectively. It gets the job done fast and maintains the beautiful, rich colors of documents.


Refurbished Konica Minolta Bizhub C364 Multifunction Printer 

Reinforced Security to Safeguard Sensitive Data

The Bizhub series was built to tackle the growing need for data protection. Each device incorporates a discretionary IC card reader that makes verifying a user simple and fast. 

This means that unwanted access is prevented from seeing secret information - a good measure to have in place, especially when you deal with confidential matters daily.

Other considerations to revving up security include biometric authentication, iClass Cards, Magnetic Stripe Cards, etc.

Environmentally Friendly 

The Konica Minolta Bizhub printers were engineered with environmentally friendly practices and innovations. This means lighter carbon emissions, making it safer for everyone to exist. 

For example, Konica Minolta’s latest proprietary high-definition toner, Simitri®, was prepared using renewable plant-based resources/biomass. This lessens the impact printing has on the ecosystem and minimizes energy consumption as the toner adheres to paper at reduced temperatures.

In line with Energy Star certification requirements, the bizhub printers vastly surpass the stipulated standards and consume less power. Konica Minolta helps you reduce your carbon footprint when printing

Other noteworthy energy-efficient features include: 

  • An Optimize Power Consumption mode 

  • A Print Preview Driver to reduce mistakes

  • Energy-saving LED lamps 

  • Recycled materials as building blocks for the printer

How Much Does Konica Minolta Bizhub Printers Cost?

The cost of acquiring a bizhub MFP will vary but largely depends on the speed and condition of the printerwhether remanufactured/ refurbished, or new. 

Remanufactured Konica Minolta Bizhub Printer Costs

A remanufactured printer is one that was previously sold but was recovered or rebuilt. The printer is usually taken apart or dissembled, cleaned thoroughly, obsolete or non-functional parts replaced, and reassembled. In most cases, the pieces are made like-new, with the final product just as functional as the original.

With the bizhub C364/C284/C224 MFP series, you can expect to pay up to R35,799.00 before VAT*. These include print speeds up to 36 ppm, 28 ppm, and 28 ppm, respectively.

For remanufactured equipment with greater print speed and resolution, like the Remanufactured Konica Minolta Bizhub C458 Multifunction Printer, the cost is R41,700.00 before VAT*. With a print speed of 45 ppm, bizhub C458 is equipped for handling larger volumes of documents.

To learn more about how Konica Minolta Bizhub printers can help your business maximize productivity, email 
[email protected], use our contact page or call 086 011 8101, and we’ll help you locate the best option for your needs.

*Pricing correct at the time of publishing this blog (October 2022).
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